Images from this site are not free and use is restricted.  


If you did not purchase an image, and merely want to share on Facebook or e-mail, etc., you may do so by using the share button or any other method offered on the page ONLY.  The copyright symbol must remain on the image.  Printing of non-purchased images is not authorized.


If you purchased an image, there will be no copyright symbol and you are licensed to use the image for personal, non-commercial use.  This includes making prints or ordering other digital image products.


If you are a non-profit organization to which I donate photographs, you are licensed to use images electronically and by printing, without the copyright symbol, for purposes of promoting the organization (website, programs, news releases, etc.)  Personal use is not authorized.  Posting on social media must include the copyright symbol. 

If access to images is by password from the website, the password is not to be given to anyone outside of the organization.